April 25, 2013

Wedding Dresses Online Sale

The first order of business is deciding what kind of party best suits the occasion and your guests of honor. You can always run a few ideas by them and see what they would prefer. A silver anniversary bash can be a blow out black tie affair at some posh hotel ballroom. Some people recreate the original wedding reception, complete with the color scheme, bridesmaids and groomsmen, music, guests-the whole shebang. But an intimate cocktail party at home, brunch at a favorite restaurant, a casual backyard BBQ or a potluck at the church http://www.bridesmaiddressesau.com/  hall can be just as memorable.

Theme parties are okay too, but how do you choose themes for a 25th anniversary party? "There's no standard anymore," says party consultant Wendi Hroncich, who owns Ethereal Events in Seattle, WA. She claims, "All traditions have been thrown out  Bridesmaid Dresses Sale
the window." So what's the bottom line? The kind of party you host really depends on the wishes of the couple and the size of your wallet. Whatever you decide, though, make sure you start planning early. Halls, caterers, even guests get booked well in advance these days, especially during primo party months. "[Planning] can be done in three months, but you may not get your first choice of venue, band or night," says Hroncich. "If you want the best of the best, the more time the better." In Seattle, for example, May through October is the busy wedding season. If you are planning a party for a Saturday night in September at some swank downtown hotel, you need to make reservations a year ahead to be safe.

The guest list should include the honored couple's close friends and family. You may also want to expand the circle to include co-workers, spiritual advisors or members of the couple's original wedding party. The final headcount will likely influence the location for the party. Most homes work well for smaller, more intimate affairs. But if the guest list starts ballooning, you may need a restaurant or banquet hall-the Formal Party Dresses  kind of facility that offers enough space, bathrooms and parking to accommodate a crowd. If you're not planning a surprise party, the guest list is easy; just sit down with the couple and hammer it out. If it is a surprise, you can discreetly quiz the couple, then consult their closest confidantes to get a sense of who's in and who's out. Once you've created your guest list, "save the date" e-mails or phone calls are a good idea, especially for out-of-town guests who may have to make travel arrangements.

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